In Soviet Russia, the trunk breaks you

I was kind of skeptical about all the hype surrounding Git (I know, I must be the last geek to join the bandwagon). And then, it struck me: everyone says it’s awesome, maybe I should teach myself more than cloning Git repositories ? I was very pleased with my time investment; let me say my heart went pitter-patter and tears of geek-joy wrestled their way to my cheeks when I got a real measure of the power of this beast.

One of the immediate advantages is that I can now commit broken code to the trunk ! I’m often forced to do just that when I actually when to leave my desk at work, come back home and enjoy a few hours of programming from my living room whilst watching some Greek tragedy unfold (America’s Next Top Model, Rock of Love, A Shot at love with Tila Tequila, etc.) and enjoying a slice of pizza.

I'm in your repository, breaking your trunk

GIT is 100% distributed, which means that one travels with a copy of the whole repository and pushes it to an external repository when needs be. I’ll never break trunk again, I promise !


2 Comments on “In Soviet Russia, the trunk breaks you”

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  2. Simon H says:

    Git certainly does have its uses and motivations, but I’d hesitate to agree that “I often commit broken stuff to the trunk” is one of them. That’s – to put it politely – a version control anti-pattern. Surely a more appropriate solution would be a feature branch in a non-distributed VCS.

    Enjoying your blog either way – I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered it.

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