How much storage is unlimited storage?

I am always very puzzled by unlimited storage offerings, because there is, of course, no such thing as unlimited storage. So really, how much is unlimited ?

A company rightfully calling itself Idealize Hosting offers the following, for the modest sum of $5.89 per month.


I am so glad I found these guys. At last, a hosting company that can fulfill my untarnishable thirst for storage. Considering that $5.89 only buys me 62 gigabytes of 99.99999% reliable storage on S3 and 589 gigabytes of storage on Glacier, Idealize’s offer is a bargain.

Registration was easy. Luckily, I have a spare domain to use for this trial.


And I definitely did not forget to tick that box (warning: if your password is deemed too weak, you will need to re-tick this box again).


The last step is to agree to the TOS. Reading through, one of my worst fears comes true. It is prohibited to:

Hosting large amounts of data not specifically tied (“linked”) to your hosting account.

Well, is now a website dedicated to the download of large chunks of random data.

At last, the registration is completed, and Idealize sure wants me to know it. I have received no less than five email messages from them in less than a minute.


I find all the information I need in the message titled New Account Information. Their system is based on CPanel. Again, I get the confirmation that I have unlimited storage space.


It’s now time to design my website. A quick phpinfo tells me PHP 5.3.21 is installed (at the time this article was written, the latest available version of the 5.3.x branch was 5.3.25). I am honestly surprised by the fact that their PHP installation is so up to date.

30 minutes later, the bat cave is finally ready.

This is probably the shittiest code I have ever written but meh, whatever. Using ab(1) (Apache Benchmark), I shall now generate a few files. Strangely, after a not so long moment, no data was inserted into the newly created files. My stats in cPanel are now:


Isn’t it odd that my “unlimited” storage cannot expand beyond “1000” mb? That number is too round to be a coincidence. Is 1000 mb the definition of unlimited for Idealize? To answer this question, I contacted Idealize’s tech support.


I never heard back from them, but I got the following email.


Oh well. I guess unlimited means 1 gigabyte.


5 Comments on “How much storage is unlimited storage?”

  1. Nico J says:

    Nope! The shittiest code you’ve ever written was:

    while (1) {

  2. Nico J says:

    I’m referring to the day you executed that code on a poorly-configured FreeBSD machine I had with sloppy access policies and it crashed, hence my first comment.

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